Solar system

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Solar Systems also known as Photovoltaic system

In this stage of the technology you get 3 basic types of solar systems.

grid tied

Grid tied systems

Grid tied system is an option for if you want to save electricity and do not need backup from it when the electricity grid goes off. The Grid tied option does not have a battery input. but what makes it a good option is it can sell electricity back to the grid. and wil save even more money. Vist our online store to find out more…

Off grid systems

Is a very good system if you want backup when the grid is not available , or if you have no grid can also be connected to separate loads in your home like only the lights or only the plugs etc.. visit our online store for more details


Hybrid systems

The hybrid system is a bit of both worlds it can run as a backup system and can also sell electricity back to the grid like a grid tied system for most clients this is a good option and also the more expensive option. visit our online store for more info and products.

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